Where Purpose
And Profit Meet

Our Story

Our work is
our legacy

A far point is the greatest distance at which an object can be clearly seen. At Farpoint Development, our vision is fixed on that unique spot — and has been since we set out in 2016 as a boutique team of highly accomplished real estate leaders focused on building beneficially for today and what’s ahead.

Bold, creative, optimistic, collaborative — We are Farpoint

Let’s be upfront: We love commercial real estate, especially complex projects working for the greater good of all of our stakeholders, particularly the community. To do that, we know we need diverse skills and perspectives. We know, too, that we must foster a culture that invites people to speak their minds.  We challenge one another — to be better and do better. But we never forget that we succeed only as a team.

Our Capabilities
We don’t build everything. But everything we build stands out.

At Farpoint, we know we never operate in a vacuum — everything we do as a business or as an individual has implications elsewhere. That’s why doing good is central to every one of our projects. It’s also central to all of us in our off hours. Our actions reflect the various hopes and capabilities of each one of us, from serving on nonprofit boards and mentoring those in often-excluded groups to combatting homelessness by furnishing unoccupied apartments and houses.

Our community focus doesn’t stop when we leave work