Scott Goodman

Throughout his nearly 40-year career, Scott Goodman has turned creative ideas into real-world solutions that benefit investors and transform neighborhoods. He specializes in identifying emerging neighborhoods and forging community partnerships that enable legacy developments such as Fulton Market and Bronzeville Lakefront in Chicago. He embraces a long-term vision that balances profit and purpose.  As a […]

Eric Helfand

Eric Helfand is the numbers guy — and the strategy guy. He’s also the operations guy and the solutions guy. He designed the financial systems that underpin Farpoint Development’s impressive success, creating and executing best practices for investment underwriting and financial reporting and forecasting. In the process, he enabled Farpoint to become more creative property […]

Regina Stilp

Regina Stilp has been a visionary force in commercial real estate for more than two decades, developing sustainable, desirable properties that galvanize communities. She embraces projects with a purpose, such as the Bronzeville Lakefront development on Chicago’s South Side and properties in the U.S. Southeast, which infuse hope into areas that will benefit from inclusive […]

Justin Patwin

Justin Patwin is responsible for putting Farpoint Development on the map in the Southeastern United States. He is leveraging his experience entitling, structuring, managing and planning complex megaprojects, such as the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and Southbank in Chicago, to create game-changing multifamily and industrial developments in the Southeast.  Thoughtful development spurs further economic […]