Nick Hollstegge

Nick Hollstegge has always loved the challenge—and payoff—inherent in real estate. Now, as Farpoint’s managing director in our Asheville, N.C., office, he’s balancing risk and reward on a broader scale, leading acquisitions and implementation of our investment strategy in the Southeast. Nick began his real estate career as a broker in the early 2010s and […]

Suzanne Kahle

A building or development doesn’t emerge fully formed—there are countless steps from a concept to construction and, finally, to occupancy. Suzanne Kahle is the Farpoint managing director who ensures that every one of these steps progresses, whether the effort is relatively straightforward or something as monumental as our Bronzeville Lakefront 100-acre megadevelopment on Chicago’s South […]

Alex Katz

Alex Katz works directly with hospital systems and other healthcare providers to create medical offices that best meet their facility needs and, in turn, make the best treatment accessible to more people. Alex has a knack for reimagining the box. For his first healthcare development, he turned a shuttered one-story restaurant in north suburban Deerfield […]